Married to my Pen

Samples of my books and poetry.

The Begining of Chapter One.

The toughest thing to do is stop dreaming of what your heart wants so much to accomplish. Me, standing in what seems to be that back of an alley starring at my father’s back, that I have never seen. Imagining how his figure would be, how his hair would blow in the wind. In my dreams I could make up the resemblance that we had in our careful steps, no matter how fast they walked away from something. In every dream though he rushed without even turning back to try and see my face so he could remember it. I couldn’t even dream hard enough to try and imagine what his eyes would look like as they tried hard not to cry while he left me.

“Dad, wait! Stop, please?” I could feel my hands reach out to him while he continued to briskly walk away. “Leave her, don’t leave me not me. Dad, I need you.” I kept reaching thinking I was getting close enough to touch him, but the more I did my little body seemed to be getting further away. He stopped; and for a second a ray of hope overcame my brain. Did he finally hear me? Was he going to prove my mother wrong and stay with me? I stopped reaching giving into a foolish thing my brain learned hope, an anxious kind of hope. As I got closer to his back hoping he’d turn around and show me his face, seventeen years and I had been dying to see it.

“I don’t have a daughter.” his words stabbed me like knives and I dropped falling in the air. Was my mom right; was this what guys were destined to do—leave you even when you needed them the most? I didn’t know. My body started to cringe thinking maybe was this family trait, to fall for someone who will leave no matter what.


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