Married to my Pen

Samples of my books and poetry.

The Stand In Boyfriend

The book, the Stand in Boyfriend is about finding yourself, and not allowing the scorns of someone else to determine your future and how to live your life. This young adult fiction book enables readers to take journey with the main character as she triumphs through many dead ends to find the road that will lead her to the beginning of her life. What differentiates this book from others of its class is that it is written in a way were people will be able to identify with the character as if she was their best friend. Understanding her decisions, following her struggle and gasping at the end result as she unfolds and matures through each page before their very eyes. This book touches places on the connection of dreams to the real life, and the common feelings of fear—and the fear of being unloved and alone.

Rebecca is seventeen, on her final year of high school and is still trying to find peace within her knowing that she might just be another one of those girls who will never know her father. With her mother constantly reminding her of how her father ripped her heart out, and warning her about boys Rebecca finds it hard to open up to new people and allow herself to fully submit to the feeling of being in love; thus her motto, people always leave. Despite her mothers efforts Rebecca’s best friend Austen is the leading man in her life, and her boyfriend Vincent whom she has not said those three words to are the only people that can take her out of her comfort zone and push her into the world of broken hearts. When Rebecca finally lets down her walls, and admits she is madly in love with Vincent she feels exhilarated and high on life. Soon after, just like her mother warned her, he lets her down crushing her hopes and leaving her buried in a corner never wanting to rise up. Rebecca devises a plan that would keep her secure for the end of the summer and enable her to walk amongst her fellow classmates once again. She is going to pretend to be madly in love with her best friend, whether he believes her or not. What is the ending result of Rebecca pretending to love someone she has no feelings for, while still secretly wishing she was in the arms of her ex—and who else is there to blame but her non apparent father? Will she graduate un-scuffed or fall flat on her face alone just like she dreams it will be?

While working, and being completely engaged in books like Twilight, where the heroine (if you can call her that) falls madly in love with a boy, and though the foundation of there relationship is nothing steady and completely depending on him saving her I wondered where was the book where the girl was independent in some part of her life. True some people do feel the need to constantly have a boyfriend or male friend in their life to give them the attention they think they need, and when teen girls are young they sometimes feel like falling in love quickly and being thrown into that “adult” world is all that matters—and it’s not. I wanted my book, to start off with a girl who has the subconscious fear of abandonment, along with the mother who is scorned and finds herself in a situation she tried hard not get in, and then completely humiliated by trying to pretend to be in love with her best friend, struggling in the end to solve the mystery of her life and find out that security is not having a partner by your side or fearing you will be alone, and that everyone will eventually leave you. Security (and the best part of growing up) is developing the strength to become your own best friend and know people come and go, and not matter what in the end you will always have you—and that is the most important thing.


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