Married to my Pen

Samples of my books and poetry.

The Darkest Lullaby

The Darkest Lullaby is a adventure story full of witches and magic and love. The book is about discovering yourself, and believing in family and trust. This is a young adult novel, with some explicit themes but most importantly discovering the past to make for a better future. People who read this book will enjoy it’s raw honesty, and fly with the witches as they solve mystery after mystery to protect their world and their family.

Trinket has always been comfortable in her own skin, loving her mother and trying to connect with the world around to prepare for a better future.  So comfortable with knowing her mother was always going to be there when she needed her, she was devastated to find she died, and with her death she felt she had lost any chance of connecting with her family. Trinkets mother read her lullabies, while trying instill a poetic and open mind on her preparing her for something that she would have to fight, always saying she was special–and she was. During her mothers funeral a woman comes to her trying to introduce herself as Trinkets mother and another part of life that was completely opposite of Trinket. The life of a witch. Forced, TRinket follows this woman to the world of Witches and Warlocks and is quickly initiated in to the family discovering what her mother was hiding from and now preparing to fight for a family she still doesn’t know the whole story about. While training and exploring she meets a boy, and instantly falls for his mysterious character and falls even deeper in the world of magic. LEarning that magic isn’t as easy as she thought it could be, and her power had a counter part which was her sister and that her destiny was to be fulfilled or she will be killed she rises to the occasion distinguishing foes from friends and finding the power within herself to release all her demons and just believe.  Will she succeed, or will she be seduced by the very thing that was created to destroy her.

I have been working on this project for centuries, it is actually the first book I began to write. Witches and magic being my favorite thing, and always wishing that one day someone would take me away to a fairy-tale land and  I would make a difference whether big or small. The Darkest Lullaby was my way to do that, describe a family feud that has been going on for centuries and a heroine that might not be ready for the job but is willing to take it on, to help the people in the world who need her. It’s message is about going into the past and learning your history and about ancestors to build a better future. LEarning from their mistakes, and following your heart–in every-way no matter what anyone tells you. Trinket believes in herself, and in her family and that is what helps shed light on the Darkest Lullaby?

This synopsis, is a work in progress. =)


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