Married to my Pen

Samples of my books and poetry.

Like Winter

I don’t know why I wonder off

It seems to make life simple

Picturing our conversations

Frozen in a time that will never come to be

My perfect world, created so much power

The emptiness, I have yet to release

See, I picture you standing next to me

Joining me while we look out the window

Watching the rest of the world like Gods

Imagining how each individuals lives were going to play out

Finally, with the mentioning of love

You’d slowly grip my hand

I’d feel your essence and strength

The echoing of life you passed through to me

I shake off the awkwardness and turn to you

You’d just smile like it was nothing

Although I would look confused, I’d be so happy

Holding back a smile I really wanted to let out

I’d bite my lip starring at you

Thinking of all those times I mentioned love

And I was trying to reach you

You lean in for the first kiss

And although I quickly turn away

Pointing at the happy couple as they hug

And laugh

You just knew

I was yours


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