Married to my Pen

Samples of my books and poetry.

Generation I

It is time for Generation Me to step down, and let the new age of girl reign the life of luxury. Camille, Scarlett, Tiffany, and Nicholette have been friends since they were able to talk–Generation I. When they were in grade school their parents were hitting the peaks of their fame, everyone turned to them, the kids to see what talents they had. While kids at school just hoped to be near they, they became the most envied group in Glendale–the powerful four–also know as the Beautiful Girls. This book is young adults and is a popular fiction series that differs from others because it is written in two points of views, and instead of girls getting what they want each accident has a conswquence and sometimes that consquence comes with the bonding of unwanted friendships.

The Beautiful Girls, have just ended a horrible summer that threaten their friendships and now the Nicholette is officially out of the group to show her just how over her they Camille, Scarlett and Tiffany go on a hunt to find the fourth spot, and no worries the school blogger Winifred is on it, and ready to kick off the year with a back to school party. Though the girls are excited to take a new journey and leave the past in the past they can’t help but to feel side swiped when a new girl, Kaylah, niether rich or poor comes to town with Scarlett’s man in shinning armor, Preston. Kaylah a small town girl who does not like spoiled rich kids, nor the school she wears, but kind of has a thing for her future brother-in-law and also has caught the attention of Camille’s bands lead singer, Sebastian. The only plan Camille can think of to get Kaylah away from her lead singer and put back in her place is to be her friend and reel her into their world and crush her. If all else fails, they could always welcome back Nicholette with open arms and use her dash of evil mixed with Camilles brains and crush her that way too. Will Camille plotting to destroy Kaylah only bring her and Sebastian closer? Will Scarlett and Preston’s relationship suffer while they go after Kaylah? Will Tiffany ever get over the reason why Nicholette and the girls parted in the first place? And will Kaylah fit in even though she wants desperately to do anything she can to stand out?

My version of girls who work hard, play hard and fight dirtier. I started this book as a memoir of how me and my friends took on high school, adding the fact that it’s easier if we could have everything we wanted, and even easier if we were famous. The difference between my famous teenage characters is while being in the spotlight is something they couldn’t imagine they see the strain of having people put you on a pedestal and looking up to you has on your real life. They feel the pain of having to be without the influence of their parents and suffer through the breakups and rumors society throws around. Through they strive so hard to make names for themselves and maintain what little normalcy they can, its hard to fight off the temptations that lay out for you when you can have anything you want. Also written in the point of view of an outsider who is looking in to the Beautiful Girls life, and in first person of the way Kaylah perceives this glamours life to be. I think its a wonderful take on the new generation of teenagers and all their ups downs.


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