Married to my Pen

Samples of my books and poetry.

Divine Soul

To live is to fully encompass a life with no boundaries and a world with no ends. Being alive is engaging in a world so beautiful; closing your eyes to darkest is the worse fate. Devine Soul is a book about understanding that sometimes a person has to die, in order for their impact on the world to be fully recognized. It is a young adult novel that can be enjoyed by all ages. It is a fantasy fiction taking place on the second journey in life death, and coming to terms with life that ended so quickly—you have to take a second look to realize it was great.

Sophie was not the kind of girl that would say she lives on the edge; she wasn’t even the kind of girl to put herself out far enough to fall. Trapped in a world that her parents made sure to keep her in, was finally getting a chance to break through—College. Though when saying goodbye to her family, and hugging them as if she would get the millions of chance to do it again, her life is gone, and before she can even take a second to understand what she had she is left only wanting to go back, and be the fighter that she knows she can be. Guided by the Angel Edris, Sophie embarks on a journey that takes her all the way back to walking in diapers with her sister and her first kiss with her boyfriend. Searching for peace, and how she died. Sophie’s story isn’t the only one that light shed on to; the Angel who is there to help her move on seems to have some loose ends that not even he knew he had. After dying do we really linger above the unfinished life we thought we had the right to have? Or do we watch and look upon the wonderful life the people we love have made, with us as their muse and our memories as their guide.

The greatest fear some of us might push back, while other constantly linger is the fear of dying and the wonder of life after death. People try so hard to sugar coat the passing of the loved, focusing on their memories and not just however the death may have occurred whether tragic or naturally. This book is a combination of all theories including the one that sometimes one tragic happening can lead to many miracles. This book is just an experience that will have the reader hoping either Sophie comes back to life, or rest in peace knowing that her memory lives on in the family she left behind, and the love she bestowed upon the her world.


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