Married to my Pen

Samples of my books and poetry.

My Poetry

Poetry is my past time. The easiest way to just let go of all the pain, hate and love. I mean I literally write poetry in my sleep. You know it’s that easy way to get out a thought, in however you choose to do it, rhymes or haikus, there is just so many ways. It’s also easy to get poetry out there.

People who appreciate poets keep these things with them for life. Like John Keats, or Emily Dickson, I mean they wrote some great poetry many years ago, and look how hard they have stuck to the teaching of literature. John Keats write great love poetry and if you never heard of him to get a glimpse read Bright Star which will allow you to read some of the love poems and letters he wrote to a girl whom he was in love with. Just the way he writes, its memesmorizing. I mean it touches me so much, I wanted to read everything he ever wrote.

Knwoiong people feel the way you do, and can help you at that moment in 200 hundred words or less. Just perfect.

I’m working on poetry books, I’m not sure how I want to publish them, but I have a great collection of poetry, and if you go to my poetry section I will update that as often as I can.

Poetry heals all, trust me.


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