Married to my Pen

Samples of my books and poetry.

My Novels

I have started to write 40 books already. Four of those forty are completly finished, one is finished but not typed. Three of them are series; and they are mostly original concepts. The title of the books that I am pushing to get published are:

Living For You

Divine Soul

The Darkest Lullaby

Generation I

Generation I Love You

Generation I Couture

The Stand-In Boyfriend

The Black Nightengale: a Lullaby Novel

Jennifer Anniston, We Should Be Best Friends

and last but not least

Story of the Whales: Hear the Calls of the Ocean

Ten books I know, but they are listed in the way I am working on them. I have new ideas every day and I kept help it. My brain get this like wave of energy and ideas, and I have a headache until I can write it down on some sort of paper. What can I say, it’s my passion.

So my favorite books to write are love storys, magical love stsories. Things that show the true side to love, and where there is not always a happy ending. I am use to reading books like Gossip Girl, and the Immortal series. My favorite writer in YA fiction is Sarah Dessen. She is just amazing in all the books she writes are heart felt and read like a real story, or a memory you’ve had before.

I think all books reflect a certain aspect of parts of the writers lives. It’s a continuation of your story, a way to live a life that may or may not ever happen to you. Taking you out of the real world into into a whole new world, and with a whole new mesh of people.

I write with the hope that I will have the pleasure to share my ideas and creations with the world. I write what I wish to know, I wirte my dreams and hopes and desires. I also write to get out of my world for a minute, and with every story I tell a part of my life. Whether it’d be the true part or not.

Go to the pages of each book, and read the first chapter and the synopsis of the book, and tell me what you think!!

Later g8ters.



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