Married to my Pen

Samples of my books and poetry.

Hello World.

Day one,
I always think you should start everyone off with things that are generic–everyone can relate.
So: I have a really bad spelling problem. Okay, it might not be as bad as some, but usually if I’m texting or typing i get so wrapped up in the message that i forget to check my spelling.

Second: Commas, I really don’t know how to use them properly. I don’t know how many classes I have taken to correct my grammar; only because i talk so fast so it’s hard to untransalte that one great thought and make it organized. Lol, but I’m working on it.

Third: I’m a giver. You know those people you can always count on to just give up anything for someone, that’s me. Giving money, giving my all, and usually even the ones I love and expect to give me stuff back don’t. Why, cause even when you expect the most from people, they always find a way to take it from you–with nothing in return.

FOurth: Aside from writing, music is my life. You know how you read the whole book, and then you think back and you get that sense of accomplishment. As you’re reading whomevers life story, you understand people are out there feeling just like you. Well music is an instant gratifacation for me. I open my heart and ears, cry while i listen. So much emotion is put in to some of them, and the rhythm it just all mixes–and makes me feel great.

Fifth: I just finished three novels, starting my life on working to get them published, contemplating–Self or agent. These books seem great. I think they’ll do great.

Sixth: I’m still reading Wicked Lovely. Looking forward to Shadowland by Alyson Noel =) Great booK series!!, and Angels of Ressurection is also another novel people should pick up!! LOve my collection.

Last but not least: I love me dog. We’re working together right now (she’s sniffing out possibilities, and I’m pumping out what i would present to a potential investor) the magazine I want to create thinking up names, and articles I can put in it. Hopefully why can be finsihed with a sampler, and test it out on some of my fellow magazine addicts. What’s special about this, is I want to make it an eco-friendly online magazine. Available all around the world =)

A tree at a time.
Well later, I’ll give you guys a poem.
Something you can try to decipher, and tell me if you like.


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