Married to my Pen

Samples of my books and poetry.

just another sad love song…

I sit here watching our favorite movie
Wondering what do you do…
I sit here falling for every moment
Thinking baby it was you,
Why did you think that this was ok?
That you could play this way?
Well if it’s game that you wanted?
Baby, you win?

You win the war, you win my heart You win the only thing matters,
Oh this world is all I have you,
And you need to be in it,
Do need to die to feel alive
Because I thought I only needed you,
Well here it is, I lay on table,
It’s your turn, play your cards..

i need a new melody to this song..its become part two of different song cause the melodies are teh same but they are two completly different songs…swear/…. i also couldnt come up with a good second verse…because i couldn’t get my melody down…dont worry. That is not the only song i wrote…lOL!..

i should be a songwritter for some singers out there…tell me their problems ill right them a hook and a GREAT first verse and ending…and i can hook them up with some backgroung vocals…maybe i should find some singers who are seeking song writters….or something for the demo…or some demo singers…looking to help writers sell their songs… hMM!!


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